EMIT Vol4 No4

Artificial neural network in the development of tests to evaluate the psychophysiological state of a human

AUTHOR:Anton E. Poryadin, Kirill S. Oparin, Irina G. Sidorkina
UDK: 007.52 159.91+61]:004.032.26
COBISS.SR-ID 228326924
Pages 01-05

Delegation of authorities as an effective tool of organisation management

AUTHOR:Vladimir I. Shulepov, Olga Y. Shulepova
UDK: 005.32 005.322:316.46 005.96
COBISS.SR-ID 228336396
Pages 06-10

Determinants of interregional differentiation in Russia

AUTHOR:Veronika Yu. Maslikhina
UDK: : 332.142.2(47) 338.1 COBISS.SR-ID 228336908
Pages 11-16

Innovative enterprise activity analysis

AUTHOR:Dmitriy M. Ushnurtsev, Vladimir I. Shulepov
UDK: 005.591.6:334.72 COBISS.SR-ID 228337164
Pages 17-23

Interaction of professional education with the labour market and the social partners

AUTHOR:Natalya A. Anosova
UDK: : 005.94 005.963 005.32:331.101.3 COBISS.SR-ID 228337676
Pages 24-30

Knowledge - based components of computer-aided design for engineering heating networks

AUTHOR:Oleg L. Sorokin, Irina G. Sidorkina
UDK: 004.896:004.4 COBISS.SR-ID 228338188
Pages 31-34

Industrial relations as a factor of economic resilience

AUTHOR:Tatiana V. Sannikova, Ludmila M. Nizova
UDK: 338.45.01 330.163.2 COBISS.SR-ID 228338700
Pages 35-38

Labour safety as the element of economic safety of a working person

AUTHOR:Irina V. Malinkina, Ludmila M. Nizova
UDK: 331.456 005.934 COBISS.SR-ID 228338956
Pages 39-42