EMIT Vol4 No2

Optimization of garment design using specialised software

AUTHOR:Indrie Liliana, Buzle Marius, Suteu Marius,Prichici Mariana
UDK : 004.92:677
COBISS.SR-ID 220567564
Pages 2-10

Selection of the manner of measuring significant characteristics of the insurance

AUTHOR:Sasa Cudić, Miloš Sorak/
UDK: 005.6:368.03 005.336.3:005.346
COBISS.SR-ID 220568332
Pages 11-17

Enterpreneurial education for engineering students (review)

AUTHOR:Ratiu Mariana
UDK:005.342-057.875 378.1 COBISS.SR-ID 220570892
Pages 26-32

Systems proposed for measuring, monitoring and analysis vibration of machines from textile industry

AUTHOR: Suteu Marius, Indrie Liliana, Prichici Mariana
UDK: 677.05 COBISS.SR-ID 220571660
Pages 33-41

Human resource develoment and employment in agro-industrial sector

AUTHOR:Snežana Urošević
UDK: 005.96:338.432.5(497.11) COBISS.SR-ID 220572684
Pages 39-44