EMIT Vol4 No1

Requirements For The Preparation Of E-Learning Resources

AUTHOR:Krasimira Georgieva, Vanya Stoykova
UDK : 371::004 371.694:004
ID: 216026636
Pages 2-9

Determings Losses Due To Downtime Of Machines In Agriculture

AUTHOR:Krasimira Georgieva, Nevena Ivanova/
UDK: 631.3 ID: 216026892
Pages 10-17

Investigation Of Connections Between Silhoutes And Colors In Fashion Design

AUTHOR:Julieta Ilieva
UDK: 7.05 ID: 216027148
Pages 18-25

Synthesis Of Mechanism For Actuating Of Knife Boxes Of Jacquard Machine Grosse EJP4

AUTHOR:Roumen Roussev, Diana Balabanova
UDK: 677.054 ID: 216027404
Pages 26-31

The Golden Squares In Fashion Design

AUTHOR: Zlatina Kazlacheva
UDK: 7.05 ID: 216027916
Pages 32-43

AApplicationn Of Computer Vision System For quality Assessment Of Pork Meat

AUTHOR:Zlatin Zlatev, Antoaneta Dimitrova, Stefan Ribarski, Ivan Panchev
UDK: 637.5'64:338.439.5]:004 ID: 216028428
Pages 39-44

Service Specificities Of The Insurance Companies In The Republika Srpska

AUTHOR:Saša Ćudić, Miloš Sorak
UDK : 005.53:368(497.6)
ID: 216028684
Pages 45-53

Strategic Planning guidance Lending And Investment Activities Of Commercial Banks In Ukraine

AUTHOR:Svitlana V. Andros, Tetiana V. Romanok
UDK : 336.71(477) 005.511:336.71
ID: 216029196
Pages 54-64