EMIT Vol3 No3

Model for benchmarking of identified significant characteristics of insurance companies services by applying quality tools

AUTHOR:Saša Cudic, Miloš Sorak
UDK : 005.642.1:368
ID: 212712972
Pages 104-113

The processing of precision wired electrical erosion

AUTHOR:Ioan Badiu, Marcel S. Popa
UDK: 620.193.1 ID: 212716812
Pages 114-134

Some parameters of RTB Bor business activity

AUTHOR:Radmilo Nikolic, Nenad Vušovic, Aleksandra Fedajev, Igor Svrkota
UDK: 005.216.1 330.322:622(497.11) ID: 212719116
Pages 153-156

The cost of logistics activities in business for the trade of pharmaceutical products to wholesalers and their role in the policy rate of products

AUTHOR: Ivana Mladenovic-Ranisavljevic, Marina Mladenovic, Radmilo Nikolic, Vesna Nikolic, Ljubiša Nikolic, Snežana Ilic-Stojanovic, Dušica Ilic
UDK: 658.86/.87:615.07 657.471.1 ID: 212720140
Pages 157-161

Theoretical concepts of rural tourism and opportunities for development in the Republic of Serbia

AUTHOR:Mladjan Maksimovic, Snežana Uroševic, Zvonko Damnjanovic
UDK: 338.48-44(497.11-22) ID: 212721420
Pages 162-172