EMIT Vol3 No2

Responsible investing funds structure and dynamics

AUTHOR:Romanyok Tetiana
UDK : 330.322.4 005.35
ID: 211779596
Pages 44-52

The martensitic steels processing by electrical erosion

AUTHOR:Ioan Badiu, Marcel S. Popa
UDK: 620.193.7:669.14 ID: 211780620
Pages 53-62

Implementation of science and technology in education system

AUTHOR:Zoran Bajic, Marija Cukanovic Karavidic
UDK: 37.018.43:004 ID: 211781388
Pages 63-73

The economics of climate change and managing the risk caused by the climatic changes at local level

AUTHOR:Dejan Riznic, Radmilo Nikolic, Goran Stojanovic
UDK: 351.759.6:504.4(497.11) 551.583 ID: 211782156
Pages 74-86

The foreign capital expansion in the banking systems of developing countries

AUTHOR: Ludmila P. Petrashko, Margaryta S. Tsivyna
UDK: 336.71(1-773) ID: 211783436
Pages 87-92

Knowledge skills and competences required for organization management

AUTHOR:Snezana Urosevic , Momir Grahovac
UDK: 005.322 ID: 211784460
Pages 39-103