EMIT Vol1 No3

Contemporary tendencies in waste management in Serbia

AUTHOR: Urošević, Snežana,Pejčić, Bojana, Đorđević Dragan UDK: 005:628.4(497.11) ; 005.6:502 ID: 195836428
Pages 159-166

Interpersonal communication in different contexts

AUTHOR: Maksimovic Mladan, Damnjanovic Zvonko
UDK: 316.776:005.551 ; 659.23 ID: 195836684
Pages 167-174

Ion conducting gel: preparation and characterization

AUTHOR: Ben Hasan Somya A., Rai, Devendra K.,Radojevic, Vesna J., Stojanovic, Dušica B., Nedeljkovic, Dragutin M., Perišic, Srdan D., Stajic Trošic, Jasna T.
UDK: 621.383.51 ; 544.77.022.822 ID: 195839244
Pages 175-183

Management information system and decision making process in enterprise

AUTHOR:Ranisavljevic Predrag, Spasic Tanja, Mladenovic-Ranisavljevic Ivana
UDK: 007:005]:004 ; 005.311.6:004 ID: 195840524
Pages 184-188

Waste hierarchy concept in relation with European and worldwide used lube oils management practices

AUTHOR:Dimitrijevic Stevan, Dimitrijevic Silvana, Markovic, Svetlana, Stevanovic Jasmina, Markovic Slaviša
UDK:005:628.4]:621.892 ; 005.6:502.13 ID: 195842828
Pages 189-194

Determination of polymetalic ore value

AUTHOR: Milic Vitomir, Svrkota Igor, Petrovic Dejan
UDK: 22.7.016 ID: 195843596
Pages 195-203