About us

After long preparation, we decided to publish the journal that will be focused on the problems of our contemporary reality. There will be presented articles on the following topics: Economics, Management, Information and Technology (EMIT). The presented articles will have technical and scientific character, and will include theoretical and practical knowledge. The journal will be published quarterly or four times a year. Our country is facing serious problems in its development. Some are present in a rather long period. The global economic crisis has deepened them, but also increased the present imbalances and risks. The exit from this situation requires, among other things, wider engagement of scientific and expert institutions and individuals. There is a need to find new models of development, and ways and methods to overcome the crisis and enable a prosperous development of our economy. The field of research is actual, broad and complex. This is particularly challenging for young professionals and academics. Their research results should be presented to the public. Precisely, the aim of publishing this journal is that the knowledge obtained in this way are properly published. We are aware of the obligations and responsibilities. Every beginning is difficult. We will try to justify our expectations. Because of this, the quality is our top priority.
In Bor, march 2012.

Co-Editor Prof Radmilo Nikolić