Latest Edition

1. Analysis of selected cluster object images dynamically changing scenes in color models
/Author: Ipatov Y.A, Parsaev N.V"/

2. Interaction between formal and informal institutions in the context of innovative activity
/Author: Galina S. Tsvetkova, Olga S. Grozova/

3. Evaluation of an individual's distance perception accuracy
/Author: Yurii Semenovich Andrianov, Vladimir Evgen'evich Afon'shin, Valerii Vital'evich Rozhentsov/

4. Tourism development in cross-border regions of northwest russia general trends and features.pdf
/Author: Svetlana Viktorovna Stepanova, Vladimir Ivanovich Shulepov/

5. University-supported development of innovative entrepreneurship among the youth
/Author: Yuri S. Andrianov , Natalia A. Popova/

6. Labor market as a factor of market economy
/Author: Nizova L.M., Nikitina A.S/